CryptoSys API

CryptoSys API 4.6

CryptoSys API is a toolkit of efficient symmetrical cryptographic functions
4.6 (See all)

CryptoSys API is a toolkit of fast, efficient symmetrical cryptographic functions in Visual Basic, VBA, VB.NET/VB2005/8/x, C/C++, C#, and ASP. You can incorporate it in your own apps or call it from VBA applications like Access, Excel and Word. It provides four of the major block cipher algorithms, a stream cipher algorithm, key wrap, secure message digest hash algorithms (including the NEW SHA-3 as of version 4.6), the HMAC message authentication algorithm, the CMAC algorithm, a data compression facility, a password-based key derivation function (PBKDF2), a secure random number generator and other utilities.

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